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Still struggling with your problems? Read this to know why?

Struggles” - We all are familiar with this word “struggle”, If I tell you to define success for me, I’m probable enough to get different answers from everybody but one thing that will surely be common in each of our success stories will be our struggle. In fact defining Struggle itself will invite lot of different answers. For a small child the struggle  might be to convince his/her parents to get that toy for him/her, for the toppers it will be to get 100% in every exam, for some working mothers it will be to manage her daily chores at home as well as at work effectively and then making time for her children.
Struggles are necessary for success, But how we manage our struggles and what we gain out of it, whether we adapt an optimistic spectrum about struggles or choose to be a pessimist, all these things influence our life greatly.
I know certain people, at one time their life was flooded with difficulties, there were financial problems, no support from anybody, grief and harsh memor…

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